If you’ve started a business, you’ve probably created a Facebook and a Twitter for marketing purposes. But have you considered starting a Pinterest as well? Pinterest can be a great way to market your products, and it offers possibilities that Facebook and Twitter do not.

It backlists to your website.

You can, of course, put links to products within tweets or Facebook posts. However, Pinterest pins incorporate links in a particularly natural manner, with a link in each site. Pinterest users, selecting a pin that they are interested in, are immediately sent to the source site. Thus, Pinterest can greatly increase your website traffic, increasing your customer pool.

It engages and assists shoppers.

It’s not enough for people to see your products. In order for your business to gain traction on social media, viewers need a way to engage with it. Pinterest allows users to favorite posts and create wish lists, meaning that if they see something they like, they can save it for later or request it as a gift, even if they don’t buy anything right away. By sharing content, they can also introduce you to new audiences. Pinterest users are always excited to share new products with their followers, so great pins can help boost your business.

It’s easy to see trends.

Pinterest makes it easy for users to see how their posts are doing by tracking analytics. With this feature, you can determine what kinds of contacts get the best responses. This makes it easy for you to use Pinterest to your best advantage.

It has some great tools for businesses.

Pinterest has a number of great tools that allow users to see and share products. With Shop the Look, users can find products featured in fashion or home decor pins. So a picture of a model wearing a shirt you designed, or a photo of a blanket or item of furniture on display in someone’s house, can be made to link back to the product information. With Instant Ideas, users who like one pin can see similar ones. This can help people discover your products through brands that they already know and like. And with Lens, which is currently in Beta and will soon to be released, users can search for ideas using images instead of words. This allows people to find your product through things they’ve seen in their own environment.

It’s easy to target ads.

Ad targeting is a mixed bag on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which use people’s social interactions and browser history to figure out what they might like. But on Pinterest, people build their presence by showcasing things they like, making ad targeting easier and more effective.

Have you tried using Pinterest to boost your business? If so, let me know how it went in the comments section below.