After spending six years as the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of MedSpring Urgent Care, I’m in pursuit of my next adventure in healthcare. Since I stepped down from my role, I’ve employed a few helpful strategies I wanted to share. If you’re looking to transition in your career, take a look at the following insights. It’s my hope that they will inspire you in pursuit of your next professional venture!  

Attend a Conference in Your Field

I recently attended the Aspen Ideas Festival: Spotlight Health in Colorado. Not only did I learn about innovations in healthcare, artificial intelligence and precision medicine, but the festival provided a unique networking opportunity. I met with fellow innovators and industry leaders during receptions and break outs. These opportunities provided me with valuable connections as well as useful insights.

Whether it’s a local conference hosted by your industry or a national event, attending a conference can be an excellent opportunity for your career transition. Have your elevator pitch and business cards ready because a quick chat at an industry event could lead to a new opportunity!

Contribute and Give Back

If you’re an executive looking to take a step back from your leadership role but would like to volunteer your time, you can use your expertise to help or train others. As a growing philanthropist, I like to utilize my skills by volunteering for a non-profit organization or helping other colleagues or executives.

Employ the resources and relationships you have established with people over time to help solve others’ problems. Over time, you will become the go-to person for questions and advice.

Brand Yourself

The way you brand yourself is important. Seventy percent of employers screen candidates’ social media profiles before hiring them. And, candidates with a suboptimal online presence are 57 percent less likely to be interviewed. You can build your online presence with just a few tools.

One of my favorite ways to tackle online presence is to make the process a regular habit. Post to LinkedIn regularly. Connect with thought leaders on Twitter. Create your own website and write engaging blogs on your industry’s latest news.

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What tips do you have for those transitioning in their career? Send your thoughts my way!